Alarm Clock Anonymous
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Hello. My name is Jamie and I'm a snooze button addict. No, really, you're saying to yourself, "Nooo, I'm a bigger snoozer." But that's a lie because I'm the worst alarm clock snoozer that there ever was and ever will be. Somehow I managed to snooze my alarm this morning all the way from 6:51 am to 8:49 am. Oh THAT'S RIGHT - almost 2 whole hours. Which is completely ridiculous, because I went to sleep before midnight. Who in their right mind needs that much sleep?! Apparently, I do.

There was one hidden bonus, however, of the alarm clock fiasco that was this morning: I woke up with the best bedhead EVER. After a long night of sleeping on my teeny curls (that were pulled into a ponytail last night) and assorted hair products, I woke up with perfectly tousled know, the kind that are really popular in L.A. right now? Can you believe it? What luck! I look like a very short Tawny Kitaen (a la Whitesnake video...teal dress, white know the one). I totally have rock star hair. I figured I shouldn't second-guess the work of the angels that are watching over me from bedhead-land, so I just didn't shower and hopped into some disgusting old sweats and went to work. Niiiice.

I thought about taking a photo of the amazing bedhead, but then it occurred to me that the story would be better left in the folklore that is my blog, as opposed to cemented in reality with photographic proof. So you'll just have to use your imaginations.