For the Non-Dancer Readers
Friday, January 28, 2005
Quick, layperson definition of the terms used in my previous post. To aid in these descriptions, imagine that your body is pointing North, like a compass.

Passe (pah-SAY)
Imagine a flamingo, with the foot of one leg rested in the crook of the other leg's knee. Now open the bent leg so that the hips and inner thighs are exposed to the Northeast. Voila! You are standing in passe. Passe can also be done in releve (see item 3).

Barre (BAR)
The barre is a long bar supported by several braces. The barre is used as the primarily implement in a ballet warm-up. Dancers lightly rest their hands on the bar for reinforcement and balance during leg work, bending warm-ups, etc.

Releve (rell-uh-VAY)
Literally translated from its french origin, releve means to raise, or to rise. Step away from your computer and stand with your feet parallel, toes pointing forward. Now lift up off your heels, and balance on the balls of your feet. Ta-dum! You are standing in releve.

Fuggin' (FUH-gin)
Not technically a dance term. Workplace-friendly substitute for a far less appropriate expletive cousin. I'm sure you get my drift. For those of you that don't, may I gently remind you of the album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Got it yet?