Rough Ruff!
Monday, January 24, 2005
The dog has recently begun barking excessively for seemingly no reason. For instance, I'll be sitting with him on the couch, and he'll go berserk when one of my roommates walks into the room, or perhaps they had been sitting there, and they shift a bit on the couch. Ridiculous! I don't understand! He doesn't bite, he just lets loose with this awful, menacing, bark. This morning, he leapt off my bed in a blaze of canine fury in an attempt to attack Kate, who was simply going about her morning routine in the kitchen. She wasn't even making any noise.

I feel like perhaps he's attempting to protect me, but once he starts barking, I may as well not even be in the room. It's genuinely weird. We've tried a sonic bark-control collar, but to no avail. I'd rather not buy the collar that shocks him when he barks, so I guess a muzzle is the only option left to me.

Anybody have any great ideas?