Feathers were a 'Flyin
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
This morning, I ran over/hit a pigeon in/with my car. I don't know how it all happened, but this damn bird kamikaze-style dove down to street level, straight out of the sky, and right in front of my car.

This is a conundrum for me, as the resident of an urban area. On one hand, I'm MORTIFIED that I killed a helpless, innocent member of the aviary community. On the other hand, everybody knows that PIGEONS ARE JUST RATS WITH WINGS dammit, and vermin don't deserve to live.

So I cried twice this morning about it - once when it happened, and again when I got to work and had to inspect the front of my car to make sure it wasn't smeared with pigeon parts. You see, when I looked in my rearview after hitting the bird, I didn't see it lying on the ground.

Tragically enough, as in the movies, all I saw was a cloud of feathers.