Holiday Update
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Here's the skinny on my Christmas...My parents still spoil me, and everyone else in our family. My niece Bri has a general concept of Santa but knows that none of her gifts came from him. You wanna know how I know? After she opened every gift, she said, "Thank you, Gamma [Grandma]." She is one smart cookie.

And in other news, Baby Grant is now voluntarily smiling. This is astounding to us, as we are all wrapped around his fat little finger.

Even the dog got a great gift from my Aunt Judy - a fuzzy, pink bone. (Hello, pervy googlers!) He is in love with it, which reinforces my beliefs that he might be gay. Which is fine with me - I'll love and support him no matter what kind of lifestyle he chooses.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!