I am a Boob
Friday, December 02, 2005
Here's yet another example of how messed up my priorities are when it comes to free time. Last night, when I should have been working out, cleaning my apartment, eating dinner, and putting my laundry away....I was watching Straight Talk on tv.

Seriously, could there BE a weirder couple in a movie? I want to send a letter of complaint to the casting directors, Mary Gail and Barbara. In what society, ON WHAT PLANET, do Dolly Parton and James Woods fall in love?! Somebody please explain this to me.

The only reason I watched the entire thing (other than procrastination) was the setting which was, of course, Chicago! It was interesting to see how much the city has changed in the last decade or so. The office in the movie was filmed at the corner of School, Marshfield, and Lincoln Ave in Roscoe Village -- right down the street from Dinkel's Bakery! And of course the costuming caught my eye because...well, let's face it: it's an uphill battle to try and cover up those funbags. Poor Dolly.