I Love a Meme
Thursday, December 01, 2005
Stealing this from Jen...mostly because her post involved the phrase "an asshole goat named Skittles." How can you not want to emulate that kind of quality writing?

Have You Ever...

Smoked a cigarette or tried it - Yes, several times in HS. Only a couple times in college when I was insanely drunk. Cigarettes are so gross, I don't know why I thought I should.

Crashed a friend's car - Nope.

Been dumped - I have been lucky enough to be the dump-er in all past break-ups.

Shoplifted - Never.

Been fired/laid off - No.

Been arrested - No. I am a very good, very boring girl.

Gone on a blind date - Yes, with a guy I met on the internet, no less. Sufficed to say that his photo indicated that he would be taller than me. I was wrong. I am 5'2"

Lied to a friend - Yes, but only when necessary. I'm pretty damn honest.

Skipped school - Never.

Seen someone die - Suddenly, no. Gradually, yes, and it tore my heart out.

Been to Canada - Yup, one night in the hotel at the Toronto airport. DAMN YOU, AIR CANADA. (shaking fists above head)

Been to Mexico - Yes, by land and by sea. Spent my 24th birthday in Cozumel.

Eaten sushi - Aaack! God no. Yuck.

Met someone in person from the internet - Yes, technically but let's put this in a blogger context. There are tons of bloggers that I'd like to meet. Maybe sometime in the future.

Taken pain-killer - Yes, I'm a regular codeine combo conduit. I've had everything but morphine, thanks to wisdom teeth and hip issues.

Had a tea party - Whuh? Maybe when I was little.

Cheated while playing a game - No.

Fallen asleep at work - Once a looong time ago, I took an accidental cat nap in a meeting. Fortunately a good friend was sitting next to me and gave me an upper arm pinch that nearly drew blood.

Used a fake ID - Yes, I actually had a REALLY good one in college. I looked JUST like her.

Felt an earthquake - No.

Touched a snake - No.

Been robbed - No, but once I went out to get in my car and realized someone had jumped all over the top of it. It looked as if bricks had fallen out of the sky and bounced off the roof of my poor little Suzuki. I had to get on my back in the back seat and kick all the dents out.

Petted a reindeer/goat - Yes on the goat, No on the reindeer.

Won a contest - I won a High Kick-off once at dance camp.

Been suspended from school - No.

Been in a car accident - a few more than I'd like to admit, only 1 of which was my fault.

Had braces - Yes for a year in high school. Not a good look, I'm afraid.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night - Duh. If you read this blog, then you're fully aware of the on/off torrid relationship I am having with Ben & Jerry.

Witnessed a crime - No.

Swam in the ocean - Yes, and hated every minute of it. I'm a lake person.

Sung karaoke - Yes. While I understand that it makes me categorically uncool, I love Karaoke. I have no inhibitions about being in front of crowds.

Paid for a meal with only coins - Definitely a couple times in a drive-thru.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - Once with Diet Coke and OH MY JEEBUS did that burn.

Been kissed under mistletoe - Nope.

Crashed a party - No, not brave enough.

Worn pearls - Yes, one of my favorite stones.

Jumped off a bridge - No. Did I mention that I'm boring?

Ate dog/cat food - Tried a dog biscuit once on a dare. Not half bad...kind of like a Rye-Crisp.

Kissed a mirror - Nope. I'm typically not very turned on by my reflection.

Glued your hand to something - Not technically. I did super-glue the pads of my thumb and index finger together once, though. Not a good scenario.

Done a one-handed cartwheel - Yup. At one point, I could do aerials as well, but now I'm not as brave (and my center of gravity and overall body weight make it nearly impossible)

Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours - No. I'm not a phone person.

Didn't take a shower for a week - Absolutely not.

Picked and ate an apple right off the tree - This is a dumb question. Who wrote this?

Been told by a complete stranger that you're hot - Yes, an alarming amount of people thanks to my former hobbies, but let's take that with an ENORMOUS grain of salt. Moreover, I'm usually too stunned to take anyone seriously - there's always been someone else around who is WAY hotter than me.