I'm Still Standing
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Thank you so much, all, for the well wishes on my new job. Day 2 is going swimmingly, orientation was boring, and everything is great. The person training me left for lunch, and my only instructions were to "surf the internet or something," while she was gone. SCORE. I don't plan on blogging about my new job, but sufficed to say that it is the POLAR OPPOSITE of my last job. Which is a really good thing.

Message to Jonna - The Freddy Jones Band is playing a big gig here in Chicago on New Year's Eve. Are you sure they broke up?

In other news, Christmas is around the corner and the natives are getting restless. Even the dog has come down with a touch of cabin fever - he woke me up at 3:15 am this morning (for the SECOND time, that little shit) by jumping up and down on my chest and barking in my face. It's a good thing he's really, REALLY cute otherwise everyone in my family would be eating dog sausage with their pancakes on Christmas morning.

If I don't get a chance to post again this week, have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!