Top 5 Reasons Jamie is Merry Today
Thursday, December 22, 2005
5. Told some rude guy off on the bus this morning - he deliberately blocked some old lady's passage to the front door because the bus was still moving. So she stood there, embarassed, while he played CTA bus & aisle traffic manager. I thought it was an asshat thing to do, so I told him so. In much nicer terms, of course.

4. Today is the last day of work before a 4-day weekend!

3. I'm having a great hair day.

2. My dog was adorable this morning, and clearly didn't want to see me leave. I find any and all canine adoration completely endearing.

1. The vending machine in my new building sells cans of Diet Coke for $0.15 each! I am in a very heavily caffeinated heaven.