Monday, January 16, 2006
I find Playboy magazine interesting. Especially now, since one of my favorite D-list celebrities is on the February cover...none other than the Joliet native, Adrianne Curry. She was my pick to win on the first season of ANTM - I called it on the second episode. I'd link to her photos but I think my mom (who occasionally reads this site) might not appreciate that.

There's something appealing about how unapologetically blatant Playboy is. Somehow they find a way to be direct and in-your-face about their purpose WITHOUT being trashy. The articles are fresh and surprisingly edgy. I love debating over whether or not someone's boobs are good fakes, or bad fakes...and the Playboy Advisor? HA! Don't get me started. It's too funny.

I know a couple of my more conservative readers (those of you that freaked last year when I defended stripping as a legitimate profession) might not agree with me, but I think Playboy does an excellent job of representing their opinions without tarnishing their own reputation. I don't subscribe, but I'm not offended by it.

For the record: I have never seen an issue of Playgirl, nor do I ever want to.