A Dog's Life
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I'm going through a bit of a slow, dull phase in my blog right now. When mommy bloggers have this problem, they just slap a bunch of baby photos onto their site and all is well. I may not be a mommy blogger, but I definitely subscribe to the same lazy school of thought.

In that vein, please enjoy the following photo montage of MY baby. I realize this makes me look like a crazy dog lady, but that's just a risk I'll have to take. Besides, the people who really know me are aware that I'm just plain crazy, dog or not.

This is the day I picked Doc up from the shelter in Michigan -- back when we were both thinner, and he was in a state of constant ear perk-up:

When he finally realized that I'd purchased a PURPLE collar and leash for him, he mellowed considerably. Aah, the sweet smell of total resignation...

We've travelled together, mostly just for relaxing weekends like the one you see below. You'll notice that Doc is completely disinterested in the game we're playing, and prefers to throw a few [tsp.] back and go to sleep.

Please excuse the angle of the photo, which at first glance, would indicate that I am a pointy-headed hunchback who is dating a pointy-headed albino (red eye reduction anyone?). Clearly, I disagree with my "teammate" about our answer to the question at hand and am consoling myself with a large glass of cheap wine.

Doc and I have lived in two apartments together - I took this photo when he was engaged in his favorite pasttime: looking out our bay window at the street below.

Now we're in a new place, smaller but far more cozy. Just him and me, two species in a pod. I think I've proved all the naysayers wrong on this one (that means you, mom and dad).

I think he looks pretty damn happy.