I'm Going Slightly Mad
Monday, January 23, 2006
When I think back on all of the things I wanted to be when I "got grown up," I'm always surprised at how often I wish I were a psychology professor. Sure, I was a psych major for a year, but that hardly counts.

I'm mostly interested in the human capacity to cope - with anxiety, stress, happiness, noise, etc. Coping mechanisms are so intriguing to me, particularly when I meet someone who doesn't seem to have any. Regression inevitably ensues in these cases, and I wonder where those people go in their minds...what place in their history or life that is most pleasantly distracting. I also find this interesting in relation to the statistics published on crazy people, and by crazy, I mean certifiable. So often, they are the truly intelligent beings.

Where does emotional intelligence rank in the grand scheme of things? Is it everything, or nothing? For example, today has been a rough day. Why, pray tell, did it lift my spirits considerably when I was asked to shred a ream of sensitive documents? Does my resulting release spring from an urge to destroy, or am I bolstered by the mindless distraction?

Or could it be that I'm simply a big nerd?