The Name Game
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
In an episode of SATC that I recently watched, Carrie discusses her writers block with the girls at the coffee shop. In mentioning that she is in a "dating desert," she briefly recalls a few dates she a guy named Randall - "Randall the Sandal guy." I find this interesting, partially because who would ever date someone in REAL LIFE that dresses as bizarrely as Carrie Bradshaw did on SATC? But I digress.

This behavior is interesting to me as well because it's 100% accurate. I also can identify with the wacky nomenclature patterns of past relationships - romantic or otherwise. Every woman I know has a cute, concise name for her exes and old friends...usually this name is known only to her inner circle as a means of expediting the story being told, or to prove a point. The instant I say, "Steve 1" or "George the Med Student," my close friends know EXACTLY who I'm speaking of. Who? Whom? Whatever.

These names serve as a life pedigree, like medallions given to soldiers with war wounds. Purple hearts, congressional medals, and bronze stars, oh my!