Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Update: Prior to writing this post, I was NOT aware that Dick Clark had recently suffered a stroke. This makes the majority of my previous entry seem not only callous, but extremely bitchy. My apologies. I had no idea he was ailing. Nevertheless, I am still grossed out by the oh-so-public makeout session - even if it was his wife, I really didn't need to see it. So go ahead and hate me for being anti-PDA.

[Text removed]

Dick started counting down [text removed] and then after the ball dropped and everybody started cheering...there it was. In place of what was supposed to be a shot of (I hope) the crowd cheering in Times Square, it was a drawn-out shot of Dick Clark SWAPPING MAJOR SPIT with some blonde lady. I glimpsed a shot of Dick's tongue and screamed out loud.

Now, days later, I'm still trying to wipe the image from my memory.