As I sit eating my chicken raumen breakfast (I was in the mood for something hot and salty, so sue me)...I try desperately to avoid the sinking feeling that today is going to be just awful. I need to snap out of it.

List of Important Things for You to Know About Today

- I'm so pissed that Ichabod mean Santino didn't get cut last night on Project Runway, that I can't even speak of it. I need a cooling-off period.

- There's a blind man who rides the same bus as I do. His working dog/helper is an 100-lb. black labrador, with a head the size of my refrigerator. This morning, I struck up a conversation with him and he tipped me off to a new lab-friendly toy at Petco. His dog, Abner, is a big magnet for me - I want to pet him SO badly but I know that one shouldn't pet a working dog "at work." So I refrained. Good karma all around.

- Watched Grammys last night. Was nonplussed by awards and performances. Loved Gwen Stefani's dress. Hated everything about Mariah Carey -- I feel very strongly that her life is becoming nothing but a cautionary tale for Christina Aguilera.