Exhibit Z in the Case of "Jamie Becomes Her Mother"
Monday, February 20, 2006
A couple of months ago, I bought some curtains on sale (and we're talking really on sale, people, $9 a panel - am I good, or am I good?!). Since then, I've ironed them and bought rods, but never got around to hanging them. Turns out you need a drill to put curtains up. After some minor nagging Sean finally caved...so we spent Saturday night hanging curtains, and watching the Olympics.

Thanks to a heapin' helpin' of gin & tonics, I survived the deadly eye rolls that resulted from "hey can you move for a second? I'm blogging this."

And behold.....CURTAINS!

If you say anything about the general scatteriness of my apartment (and the big smudges on my dining table), I will...umm...come up with something awful to do to you anonymously. And for the record, NO, I didn't paint the awful radiators. You can blame that home decor faux pas on my landlord.

All told, I spent less than $50 on everything. Someone call HGTV! Am DIY Queen!