Operation Condo-r
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Totally hypothetical, not AT ALL based in reality question for you --

Jane Smith is looking to purchase a condo. She budgets X dollars for her new place. After weeks of research, number-crunching, and theoretical decision making based on a eleventy hundred contingencies, she figures out that (all other things being equal) she can buy one of the two condos listed below.

1. One bedroom condo in a hi-rise building built sometime between 1920 and 1975. The building is located north of the city, in Edgewater/East Rogers Park. The unit is in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood, but is quite far from downtown (work) and not up to date.

2. A very large studio in a new, midrise development (conversion of old warehouse). The complex is located in the South Loop, and the neighborhood is still up and coming but promises to, one day, be very "hot." The unit is brand-spanking new, and close to downtown (work), but parking onsite/nearby is a bit pricey.

Jane is in the throes of a difficult decision, and immediately enlists the semi-anonymous assistance of her blogging community. They come to her rescue with straightforward, helpful advice, and save the day! Hooray for Jane's readers!

Which condo does Jane choose?