Weekend Update with Jamie Jamerkins
Monday, February 27, 2006
Under the Weather
Sudden food poisoning of an undetermined nature holds helpless victim in its clutches Saturday night, through the night, and into early Sunday morning. Sabbath is not day of rest as previously indicated to victim in the Bible - it is the day of rehydration.

Good Time Ruined for All
Great hair/make-up day ruined by sudden onset of vomiting (see above).

Someone Gets Their Ass in Gear
Jamie sits down, figuring out site creation and ultimately, redesign. Debut is contingent upon the creation of fabulous banner (thereby removing current placeholder banner - a picture of her cleavage originally used a joke). Throngs of expectant readers can plan on an early March roll-out.

World Says Goodbye Yet Again
Recovering patient tunes in to Torino Closing Ceremonies, only to be mortified and forever scarred by roves of clowns painted all in white. Claims that she was not warned of impending clown coverage.

Blogging Becomes Disappointment

Lunchtime online journaling is not as enjoyable, says one, due to poor soup choice at deli around corner.