The Wheels on the Bus
Thursday, February 16, 2006
I am trying my best to be supportive of our dear CTA, but this morning's commute took me across my patience threshold.

For all my Chicago readers - do you ever feel as if your bus driver is trying to play chicken with the cars nearby? My particular route has a section that runs express on Lake Shore Drive, which means that we have to merge onto a 4-lane thoroughfare in a huge, extended bus of doom. This morning, we came within 3-4 inches of sideswiping a black SUV. The driver looked none too pleased by the antics of my wacky bus driver.

This is what happens when I listen to my iPod instead of reading in the morning -- at least when I'm reading, I can cast my eyes down and pretend that we're not continually on the brink of death.

In other news, the weather here is so incredibly gloomy that I decided only a little "September" could cheer me up. Turns out my fellow commuters are not as into disco as I am. There was no good to be had in staying grumpy, so I just let it all out. I jammed my way all the way into the building, a la Ellen DeGeneres, and gave the security guards a good laugh.