Thursday, March 16, 2006
Had to take an impromptu hiatus for the past couple days to tend to myself, as I was stricken with a whopping case of strep throat. On Tuesday afternoon, I left work early to get to the doctor...fell asleep in the waiting room, then when the nurse woke me up to get me into an exam room, I stood up too quickly, walked through the doorway into the 'back', and promptly began to faint on the other side.

Turns out fainting can get you into the doctor's "top priority list" pretty darn quick.

Until yesterday, I had no idea HOW AWFUL midday television is. I basically spent the entire day changing my clothes - once I'd feverishly sweated through one set of pajamas, I'd change into other, and so on. I also became irrationally angry at the fact that "Ellen" was a re-run. The one day I'm stuck at home, and my favorite talk show is a RE-RUN?! Inconceivable!

Fortunately, the dog loved having me around. He invented new (and seemingly uncomfortable) ways to lay directly on top of me. In fact, I think his body temperature helped me to eventually break my one point, he was in a dead sleep (as in legs akimbo, eyes shut, the works) directly on top of my ribcage.

Back at work today, trying to mete out my ibuprofen accordingly so that I don't do drastic damage to my precious liver. It worked so hard just to survive college...