Requisite Oscar Synopsis
Monday, March 06, 2006
You know what I love most of all about having a blog, and being an avid blog reader? Whenever something major happens in Hollywood or Washington D.C., every blog attempts to post something witty or erudite about the event, as if they were there. I am not one of these people, in fact, my post about the Oscars last year was one of my worst posts. Ever. That being said, I feel compelled by the blogiverse to write a couple things down about last night's festivities.

Best Song - LOVED that the Academy is finally acknowledging the influence of Hip Hop on the entertainment business (and the world). HATED the rap trio's acceptance blurt. I'm not calling it a speech - it lacked basic grammatical structure. That's not refreshing, that's rude.

Terence Howard - LOVED him for bringing his adorable son as his date. HATED the boutonniere combined with that ugly diamond pin on his lapel. Hey T - my grandma wants her brooch back.

It must be love - When I was thinking to myself about how Tom Hanks must have grown his hair to film The DaVinci Code, Sean said, "Has he always had that much hair?" Immediately following the "jinx!" moment was a short conversation on the logistics of hair plugs.

Opening video montage - Clever idea, oddly executed. Billy Crystal looked fat.

Best Dresses - Salma Hayek, Rachel Weisz, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Williams, Felicity Huffman

Worst Dresses - Paul Haggis' wife, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Judi Dench

Best Suits - George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Philip Seymour Hoffman, that guy who directed Tsotsi (won for Best Foreign Language Film)

Worst Suits - The one director from Crash with the blindingly white tie, Will Smith, Heath Ledger (tapered pants!), Ben Stiller

So there you have it. Even if you don't give a rat's ass about the outcome, one must admit that they are pretty entertaining to watch. OH, and huge huge HUGE props to Jon Stewart for being the most interesting host since the Steve Martin era.