Tag, you're it!
Friday, March 24, 2006
Jonna has tagged me for a "quirky" post. Like her, I feel that I have a laundry list of things about me that are slightly off-kilter, or a bit bizarre, but when it came to listing them, I drew a blank. It took me all day to come up with the following five things...

1. I never use the entire thing of deodorant/anti-perspirant. I switch because all the health magazines dictate it (something to do with the body's reaction to one combination of chemicals fading in effectiveness, I don't know - look it up)...but I also switch because I inevitably become bored with my current choice. Once I get down to about 1/2 inch left, I go out under the guise of buying a "replacement" stick - but who am I kidding? I start using the new one right away, of course.

2. My handwriting has been, and probably always will be, completely inconsistent. One day it's cursive, the next it's all caps, the next it's a hybrid, and so on. I'm very OCD about controlling it if I'm writing a letter, or note to someone. Even on a post-it...if the inconsistency crops up, I'll rewrite the entire thing until it looks uniform. It's labor intensive, I'll admit, but I do it anyway.

3. I. Hate. Paperclips. My work requires interaction with anywhere from a "little bit" to "a whopping, massive amount of" paperwork. In organizing this, I must admit that I will pick staples over paperclips in a heartbeat. I would rather have papers lined by the pock marks of staples past, instead of having them all f***ed up because this paper clip fell off, and that one grabbed papers it shouldn't have - it's a house of cards. I ban paperclips.

4. I have a somewhat bipolar social personality. Right off, I can be brash, direct, and sarcastic - sometimes (but not often) to a fault. I have no qualms about dropping the f-bomb in front of people I've never met before (provided they're not friends of my parents, or relatives). I've danced on bars, sung karaoke, and done my time as the "life of the party." On the flip side, I'm very anal about etiquette, manners, and proper behavior. I always always ALWAYS write prompt thank you notes, I'm a freak about bad grammar and spelling in writing, and people with bad speech skills drive me insane. I think that Emily Post had a point about a lot of issues, but that doesn't keep me from entertaining the idea of a flip cup marathon with some friends this weekend. This dichotomy can be one of the most frustrating things about me. My friends are special, special people for dealing with this.

5. Excepting the very first one, all of my boyfriends have been children of divorced families. In contrast, Sally Field and Dick Cheney will celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss this June. I infer nothing from this - it's simply an observation that I made one day. I don't think much about the psychology of it all, mostly because I don't think a divorced family dictates a person's worth, personality, or behaviors. But it is a little unusual, so there you have it.

I hereby tag Jen and AM.