Too Sick to Write Anything of Substance
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Seriously - I'm at work today, but only running on one engine. Something is very wrong with me, and I don't mean mentally. Being the lazy blogger that I am, I'm just going to post some photos.

These are from last weekend - our final weekend, as a family, in what was supposed to be my parent's retirement home (they have now decided that they don't want to be quite that far away).

Sally Field decided to keep Brianna busy by giving her cupcake liners to play with. Someone decided they would make an excellent hat, and we spent the rest of that day lounging around, Shriner-style.

Both babies were fast asleep during our Italian dinner on Saturday night. Thank goodness we got some pasta and meatballs to-go, because Bri woke up when we got home and was a hungry, hungry toddler.

Grant basically spent the weekend being adorable, and throwing up formula. Good times, good times.