Train Spotting
Thursday, March 23, 2006
Took a detour after work yesterday to Printer's Row, to put down the remainder of the earnest money on the new condo...I don't close for awhile, so that's all I can do until this summer. Walked around the neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised by the development in the area, and I don't mean condos. I'm talking restaurants, bars, bookstores, movie theatres, it really is shaping up to be one of the best decisions I've made in quite some time. Yay!

Then I got on the red line to get back up north, and the freak show began. I love the eL. I sat down next to a man who was the African-American equivalent of Krusty the Klown - completely bald on top, and wild dreads on the sides and back, growing like ivy over his scalp. They were short enough to stick straight out, and I had to physically control myself to keep from laughing.

At Fullerton, a nervous-looking young man got on the train and sat down across from me. Fairly non-descript, really, I probably wouldn't have even noticed him if not for the ENORMOUS stack of Readers he was carrying. We're talking in the double digits, folks. What could he be doing with a frillion free newspapers, I ask you? Decoupaging a coffee table, perhaps? Collage art with preschoolers?

Life is a mystery.