Perhaps I've Missed My Calling All Along
Friday, September 29, 2006
One of my reviews on DeLush got picked up by the PR rep for the cosmetic company that produces the reviewed product! She posted it on their Buzz/Forum page. This is exciting to me on many levels, but also a bit confusing. Have I been in such total neglect of my own intrinsic judgmental nature that I missed a career as a product reviewer/critic? I love telling people what I think, what I feel, and generally doling out my $0.02 - even when it's not solicited. (People just LOVE that, lemme tell ya) Yes, sometimes I'm a judgmental bitch. But the folks who know that part of me (and accept it as best they can) know that it isn't my entire personality - nor do I deny it.

Perhaps I need to take this straight talkin' business of mine and turn it into a career...