And I Don't Even Really Like Football
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Ummm, hello? Last night's game? I have three things to say.

1. BRIAN URLACHER. That crazy half-ton of a man was all over everybody - perhaps dating Paris Hilton was just a premeditated, strategic exercise in tackling.

2. MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY, BABY. The last time I was this excited about the Bears, I knew every step to the Superbowl Shuffle. Yes, I was 5, but if Jim McMahon can manage to dance it WITH HIS SUNGLASSES ON, I'm fairly certain the average 1st grader can handle it. Come to think of it, that may have been the first choreographed routine I ever memorized.

3. REX GROSSMAN'S HAIR. I looked for 15 minutes to try and find an image of this. The only thing more distracting than Rex Grossman's heinously poor performance on the field was his poorly highlighted, Jason-Schwartzman-esque hairdo. Oh, Rexy. Not so sexy. Snip snip.