Get A Room, Already
Friday, October 13, 2006
I have a love/hate relationship with the photography aspect of the blogging world. On one hand, I adore Flickr and all of its functionality. I think it's mildly entertaining that everyone -- stay at home parents and executives alike -- are using PhotoShop to the Nth degree and calling themselves the next Ansel Adams. This entire revolution has brought DIY photography and writing to its knees, in a good way. How awesome is it that the fine arts are becoming increasingly accessible to the layperson?! I think it's wonderful.

And then, there are those people (you know who they are) who post photos that are somewhat inappropriate. By "inappropriate," I do not mean questionable pictures of children (do you hear me, Cindy Crawford?) or the like. I am talking about people who post photos of themselves kissing.

It's like my complete and total PDA nightmare. Those are the photos that are meant to be put on walls of your home, not homepages of your blog, or the backdrop for your MySpace page. Double ick. Not only do I hate to see people kissing/canoodling/making out/what have you in public, but THEN THEY HAVE TO GO AND POST A PHOTO OF THEM KISSING ON THE INTERNET? What the hell is that?! Why don't you just take a snapshot (literally) of a certain moment, of a certain activity that makes others uncomfortable, AND FREEZE IT FOR ALL ETERNITY TO STARE AT?! GAHHHH.