New Look
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
I've been eyeing (is that even a word?) the free Blogger-based designs made by the funny and formidable Miss Zoot. So this afternoon, I decided to bite the bullet. And here you have it, in all of its blue glory, minus my Flickr link b/c I can't figure out how to put it up there.

And I love it. Hopefully this will tide me over until I can take the time to sit down with Sean and actually work on the Actual Website That is All Mine and Doesn't Require a Third-Party Host. You know - the one I got all excited about in April, but never debuted?

That's because it looks exactly the same as it did then, and I haven't moved anything over from Blogger. So ask me how Zoot manages to make a trillion clever and sassy templates, but I can't figure one out? On second thought, don't ask me that - just read the post below and give me all the advice you can.

Thanks, Z!