Random Observations: Monday Edition
Monday, October 30, 2006
- The entire Loop smells of pineapple. Not fresh pineapple, but rather canned pineapple in light syrup. It's strange, unexplained, and makes me very, very hungry.

- I don't understand people who compete to be the first person off the curb when the "WALK" light turns on. What is the rush, people?

- Making clothing returns leaves me feeling disciplined and rich (well, richer than I was before) when, in reality, I'm just getting back my own money and need to learn to just try the damn clothing on BEFORE I LEAVE THE STORE, GEEZ.

- I love guacamole. Up until 2-3 years ago, I hated it. What gives?

- Walking back from lunch, I noticed a lovely young woman wearing a skirt that I also own. It's one of my absolute favorites. She was also wearing an adorable matching blazer. I own no such blazer, in fact, it wasn't even in the store when I purchased the skirt. AAARGH. This is what I get for shopping off the clearance rack.

- Chicago weather. WTF?!

- Turns out, a Slim-Fast "Cappucino Delight" shake makes an excellent mobile breakfast. If I open the can in the elevator of my building, I am finished with it by the time I hit the CTA station trash cans. It also actually curbs my snacking during the morning - brilliant!

Update: I think I'm allergic to angora. For whatever reason, the sweater I'm wearing today is making me break out into large, angry, red itchy patches across the neck, shoulders, and upper arms. I HATE YOU, J.CREW. You stupid, overpriced, shady-labor-practices clothing manufacturing giant, you. Too bad I can't afford to buy all cashmere. That would be nice. And probably far less itchy.