Sanitation Station: Thoughts on liquid bleach
Thursday, October 05, 2006
I love cleaning - the frenzy of scrubbing, the smell of chemicals, the instant gratification of something that was formerly nasty turning into something you could lick (if you really wanted to).

I also love free stuff, because REALLY, who doesn't?!

These two loves of mine converged a couple weeks ago when I received an email from a wonderful lady named Maureen. She had read about my love affair with bleach from a comment I'd left on the comments page of AM's post about being wary of liquid bleach. I am the opposite of my dear friend AM - I would drink bleach if it weren't, well, lethal. What's not to love about something that cleans everything it touches? It's like the Jesus of cleaning products!

This entry has been brough to you by the letter H, for "hyperbole."

Maureen sent me a FREE(!) full-sized bottle of Clorox "Ultimate Care Premium Bleach." It was either going to be a raging success, or a dismal failure, as I have all white linens and towels. I like to be able to shock sheet and towels - both to brighten and disinfect.

Wow, this is a SUPER FUN and interesting post. Hang in there with me. I have a point.

This bleach works! It's not as powerful, or as effective, as its toxic granddaddy...but it gets the job done and is admittedly much more approachable to consumers. The scent of chlorine is, after all, an acquired taste. I think I will save this "premium" bleach for my white clothing loads, and keep the hard stuff for my towels and sheets. I recommend it - try it for yourself!