SOS, Please Someone Help Me
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Umm, yes. I highly enjoy the Rihanna song noted above.

Stop laughing.

Soooooo.....I've requested a computer from the powers-that-be-aka-Santa-Claus-aka-Dick-Cheney-and-Sally-Field for my Christmas gift. YES, I'm aware that it's a big thing to ask for. YES, I still get spoiled by my parents, and not always just on the holidays. YES, I operate this fabulous, groundbreaking blog from work.

and the world comes to a sccrrreeeeeeeeechhhing halt

That's right, I don't have a computer at home.

Here's the deal - you comment with your suggestions about the inevitable computer questions: laptop or desktop?, mac or PC?, black or white?, wine or beer? Ahem.

I need your help! This is your opportunity to tell me exactly what I should get! Go now, run to the comments section! GO!

Side note: Anyone that reads this blog that also happens to be a teacher with a possible significant technology discount needs to call me immediately with details. And by "someone," I mean my sister, Joey.