Weekend Tally
Monday, October 02, 2006
Dogs Kenneled: 1
Allergy Issues: 4
Boxes of tissues destroyed: 3
Doses of Claritin that didn't work: 2
Eyes Scratched Raw: 2
Apartments Vacuumed: 1
Loads of Laundry Done: 3
Very Smelly Dogs Retrieved: 1
Cars Fixed: 1
Fancy Dinners Eaten: 1
Hands of Texas Hold-Em Won: 5!
Toiletries Confiscated at Airport: 3
Celebrities on Outbound Flight: 0
Celebrities on Inbound Flight: 1 (Jared that Subway Sandwich Guy)

All in all, a banner weekend!

Coming soon to FFP: book mania, muffin tops, a dog named Mr. Pretzels, and why I should never try to wake up early ever again.