Analysis Paralysis
Thursday, November 30, 2006
This blog is a real pain the ass sometimes. Writers block, anyone?

I have no idea...
what to write about.
what to hang on my very empty walls at home.
why I make unfunny, not-at-all-feminine facial expressions in pictures.
why the dog continues to sleep in my piles of dirty laundry.
how to get the fabric pills off of the couch.
why I always seem to choose really uncomfortable throw pillows.
why I prefer the scent of Auto Febreze to regular Febreze.
what to eat for lunch.
what makes caramel corn from Garrett's Popcorn Shop so. damn. good.
whether I even want to bother with holiday cards this year.
why I always pair sweaters that shed with black pants.
what to get Sean for Christmas.
why IN GOD'S NAME leggings and flats are back in fashion.