Exercise in Futility
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Last year, I impressed even myself by catching a lucky shot of the dog in this hilarious jingle bell collar and using it for a holiday card. This year? Not so much. Looks like I'll be either (a) using Sean as a photography assistant, and/or (b) just buying some stupid cards at the Walgreens or something. I'm going to try another photo shoot, but let's be honest. It doesn't look good.

To wit:

Cut off



I even attempted to bribe the dog with treats. Which only made him crazier. Then, for at least a half-hour after we were done, he stood near the table just staring at the treats. Clearly he is working on his superpowers of telekinesis, you know - willing them to jump out of the treat jar and onto the floor where he can gobble them all up.