Tuesday, November 14, 2006
This picture, originally featured in the Chicago Tribune makes me smile. I wonder what the gentleman has just said, and think about how happy they look together.

This is exactly the type of moment I'm always looking for in a photograph - whether I'm taking it, or just looking at it. Candid photos are like diamonds...getting a really good one takes keen observation skills, excellent timing, and above all, patience. I think I've caught perhaps two good ones in my entire life.

I become irrationally angry when a blogger posts a photo of the side of a building and floods of people swarm onto their comments interface, praising the image. Where is the LIFE in a photo like that, the WARMTH? Maybe my artistic aesthetic is otherwise inclined, or I'm just below whatever taste level one must possess to think that a photograph of a torn billboard is art. When we're all dead and gone, what will our descendants think of the millions of potentially boring, relatively insignificant photographs lying around - ones of fire hydrants, manhole covers, dilapidated buildings, and urban areas littered with graffiti?

I guess it all comes down to an issue of motivation, and what motivates each photographer (amateur or professional) to snap a picture. I'm bored by the inanimate, and therefore, must resign myself to a life of frustrating photo shoots - trying to catch the people and things that make up the fabulousness of everyday, real, simple life. I guess I'll just have to make my peace with that, and keep my fingers crossed.

What's your motivation?