In Concert
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Over the past 20-odd years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of being part of choirs. Church choirs, school choirs, semi-professional musical theater casts, even the occasional drunken karaoke outing. And every single time I auditioned, EVERY TIME I was forced to sing aloud (and alone), I sang harmony. I can't help it - I'm just contrary like that. I don't hear the melody as clearly and sometimes? Sometimes my alto self just can't help but bust out the back-up. In my next life, I plan on coming back as a background vocalist.

The explanation for this popped suddenly into my mind during my long drive back to Chicago after Thanskgiving. My father keeps 7 CDs in the changer in his car - 6 stored, 1 playing. The same 7 CDs. Ever since he got the car 2 years ago. It's annoying. Whatever. THE POINT IS that we started singing out loud to no one in particular, and suddenly my entire childhood came rushing back to me over the sound of his smooth, smoky baritone.

My parents always listened to mixed vocals when we were kids - Alabama, the Judds, Aretha Franklin, Carpenters, Anne Murray, Ray Charles, the OakRidge matter the genre, the music always had a strong sense of harmony. It must have started then, because I can find no other reason for my bizarre singing habits. Somewhere along the way, I became good at it.

What music reminds you of YOUR childhood?