My Neck is Pale! Who knew?
Thursday, November 09, 2006
In chopping nearly all of my hair off last night, I learned several things about myself and life in general.

1. I feel simultaneously more and less feminine.

2. I have been using my bright, shiny, DISTRACTING hair to hide my other physical insecurities.

3. It takes me almost zero minutes to do my hair. Seriously. This is a major trade-off for the whole "I look vaguely like a pre-pubescent boy" thing.

4. I am now acutely aware of my underchin. Anyone know any exercises for this area of the body? No 27 year old should have the beginnings of a wattle.

5. The shock value ALONE is enough to keep me laughing all day long. My coworkers are slowly coming around to it -- one walked right up to my hair and tugged really hard b/c she thought I was wearing a wig. (omfg...YE-OUCH!) Another told me that I looked just like my niece. I'm still trying to figure out if EITHER of these responses was meant to be complimentary.

6. The new hair looks better curly. SCORE! That takes even LESS time to prepare in the morning!

And now for what you've been waiting for...the many stylings of Jamie's new hair. (click to enlarge)

Semi-Straight, probably what it will look like on a daily basis

Looks cute in a headband, THANK GOD