Random Thoughts
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
1. Every time I'm feeling low, or not that attractive, I'm going to look at the picture below. (taken this weekend at the GA aquarium - click to enlarge) This photo will serve as a reminder that it could always be worse...

2. I've noticed that a lot of people order orange juice from the airplane drink cart. Why is this?

3. I need to stop going to Cute Overload and looking at the puppy posts. NOT helping suppress my urge to adopt another dog.

4. When did "poot" become the replacement vocab for "fart?" Who started this trend?

In other news...here is an alarming statistic:

5 : Minutes it takes Jamie to get to Corner Bakery on a normal day at 12:15 pm

15: Minutes it takes Jamie to get to Corner Bakery during holiday tourist mania

40,341: Times Jamie wanted to stab herself this afternoon for DEIGNING to leave the office during the day (must...eat...), knowing that the streets would be full of irritating people who stop abruptly and take inane pictures of themselves.