Bad Poetry Friday: Snow Day Edition
Friday, December 01, 2006
All summer long I bitched and moaned
complaining I was too hot
Suddenly now we're covered in snow
and my head is full of snot

I love cold weather, it's true you see
Sweaters are all that I wear
but then the snow gets wet and dirty
and I freeze solid - even my hair!

The dog won't poop, not even a little
He's up to his neck in the slush
I don't really blame him because I sure as HELL
Wouldn't piss in the muck and the mush.

They closed the damn subway this morning
which promptly jacked up my commute
I would have appreciated some type of warning
but was lucky that I put on my boots

So I had to wait for the bus
on one of our busiest streets
Where cars going fast spray any poor soul
all over their pants and their feet

The office was buzzing with stories of woe
mostly due to our grand CTA
Debris, malfunctions, and explosions (oh no!)
were the cause of each man's delay

I'm finally here and my pants are still wet
as for snow, we expect even more
Consider this day, my dear little children
and be careful what you wish for.