Christmas Card Hell
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Last year, I snapped a lucky shot with lucky lighting and decided that my dog (resplendent in his aubergine jingle bell collar) would grace my 2005 holiday card. People thought it was adorable, hilarious, and promptly told me that they expected an even better photo for 2006. This has led to a bizarre sense of obligation and pressure in the past month or so...and I have struggled with the photo, believe me.

You try wrangling a semi-dumb (but very cute) dog into various holiday "outfits" and then expecting him to sit still for the camera. It's a recipe for insanity, is what it is. Below you will see the images that I won't be using - untouched by any kind of photo alteration software.

Behold - the 2006 Holiday Card Reject Photo Album:


Here we see Black Tie Doc, scanning the perimeter for any possible emergency exits.

I believe his face says it all in this one. He refused to hold his head up with the antlers on - perhaps from the shame? I suddenly realized how funny it would have been to change his name to "Moose."

Hiding, again, from the embarassment.

And finally, resignation and defeat for the both of us.