Gifts Both Tangible and Intangible
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Christmas has come and gone, and I find myself wondering about some things, like...

How on earth does my sister find time to update her blog?! Seriously, I spent almost 2 full days with her children and like most kids, they take up pretty much every bit of attention. You cannot relax when they are around -- I mean, they're damn cute and I would jump in front of a speeding bus without hesitation to save them, but one really has to be prepared to hang with the toddlers. My God, the energy that must take on a daily basis. Yowza.

How can it be that I get so inordinately excited over receiving presents like shoe organizers, salad spinners, and onion choppers? I used a Crate&Barrel gift certificate to purchase new flatware this morning (thanks, Sally Field!) and a thrill shiver ran straight down my back. Also, I was excited to receive Pledge Multi Surface Wipes, Chapstick, and Bounce's freshing lint roller. When did I become so randomly domestic?

Doc got gifts from the other dogs in our extended family. Do any other families out there do this? Seriously, folks, is it really necessary? I get that it's cute and a novelty of sorts, but Doc received a Christmas gift from my parent's dachshund Gretel. Posthumously. Gretel died YEARS AGO. I don't understand.

Just like every year, Christmas in our family is a fest-a-palooza of tissue paper scraps, puzzling gift tags written by my father (Example: To Adam from Juan the Mexican Elf), and eating continously throughout the day in an effort to totally jack up our appetites. We are all so lucky and blessed to have our health, to have one another, and to have the things that so many do not possess.

I hope that all of you got the chance to eat too much, be spoiled, and spend time with the people that matter most. Happy Holidays!