Jamie BlotHer
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Get it? Blotter? BlotHer? OK...geez...moving on.

So I have bad news and good news -- and I alway like hearing the bad news first. I went out around 7:45 this morning to walk the dog, and to what did my wondering eyes first appear? Flashing lights, yellow crime tape, and a person being zipped into a body bag. I wish I were making this up. Just behind my building is parking lot bordered by a metered street - a rather major one, at that. Apparently the city had come around to tow a car from one of the parking meters (rush hour restrictions being what they are) and noticed that there was a man sitting inside the car. When he didn't respond, they saw that his tongue was distended, black as pitch, and that he was clearly deceased. It's a shame, really, but goes to show that when the city needs to respond quickly to something, it actually happens. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out what happened - he was driving a really nice car with dealer plates. Most of these details came directly from the mouth of one my building's maintenance guys who saw the whole thing go down...I spoke with him just after the dog decided to take an enormous crap about 6 inches from the crime tape, resulting my receiving somewhat dirty looks from the police onsite.

I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go.

In other, far more exciting news, I received a Christmas gift in the mail yesterday from my friend AM!

It was a big ol' bucket full of homemade peanut brittle. SO YUMMY, PEOPLE. I briefly considered bringing it into the office to be shared, and then immediately decided to keep it at home so that I could eat all of its sticky, yummy, salty goodness myself. :) THANK YOU, AM! I love it. You made my day!