Sparkly, Shiny, Irresistable, OH MY!
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Every so often, I get a glimpse of the people my parents would have been had they never reproduced. (not that I'm not grateful for the whole conception thing) Since they are now both retired, there is also a "whole heapin' loads of free time" factor at play. Case in point: Last week, my father saw an advertisement for the One of a Kind Show & Sale Chicago.

Half a day later, he called me to inform me that he'd bought 4 tickets and that I was invited. Random, no? The event turned out to be really fantastic, and some of the best people watching this side of the Mississippi! Plus, a portion of the Opening Night proceeds went to benefit the Children's Memorial Hospital here in Chicago - a nationally reknowned facility for kids. Who could say no?

Some of my favorite vendors-->

John/Christine Designs
Amazing, unique jeweled pieces.

Olde Good Things
Unbelievable prices on salvage stuff - I particularly loved their use of salvage tin ceiling tiles - made into fabulous mirrors and wall decor. SO COOL.

Erin Tracy Designs
Funky, earthy jewelry - I especially loved the stackable ring sets.

Glenna Evans Photography
Minimal, stunning images.

Because who doesn't love food?

Also, there was this unbelievable pot guy that made his own steel and copper pots. they were seriously gorgeous, but also seriously expensive. In my dream house, this is what would sit in my foyer, looking pretty and serving no purpose whatsoever --

All in all, a night well spent.