This Blog is Too Loud! My head hurts.
Monday, December 04, 2006
Ok, so yes, apparently I've now joined the legions of bloggers that post when intoxicated. Classy, no? But I choose NOT to delete that entry (in which I randomly speak French, which...??? wtf?) because I am dedicated to keeping it real.

I've learned a couple things in the past 48 hours.

Number 1: Sean is a patient, patient man. Putting up with a drunk me is a feat known to only a select and talented few. This is the kind of thing I remember when he tells me that my new haircut makes me look like my mother.
Number 2: Dinner parties are WAAAAY easier when you use only disposable dishes and silverware, and also make people show up with food. And people might give you a hostess gift! Who knew?!
Number 3: I should never drink the little juice box style wines from Target, because I will always feel as if I need a straw. Always. And sometimes? I will talk loudly about the fact that they don't come with straws.
Number 4: I am thankful for my friends, and their significant others. Friendship takes work - it takes effort, patience, and trust, especially as we get older and our lives get more complicated. I appreciate that we are all still able to meet and chat and laugh out loud about dumb jokes.

I would post a photo of the dinner party right here, in this portion of the entry but I forgot to yank the card from my camera this morning. I was too hungover, and quite frankly, couldn't even remember if I'd fed the dog this morning! I wasn't about to remember the damn memory card in the camera. I need to go get myself some hash browns, STAT.

Oh, and did I mention today's forecast is a high of 26, and a low of 2 degrees? AWESOME. I am just now regaining feeling in my nose, and I got into the office 45 minutes ago.