'Tis the Season to Be Jolly
Monday, December 11, 2006

My book club had its annual Holiday Dinner & Book Exchange on Friday night where I received (and rudely negotiated/fought to keep) The Widow of the South. I also drank a mysteriously large amount of wine, blacked out from approximately 10:15 pm to 12:20pm, and proceeded to get sick for the next hour or so. I relied on Sean to recount the moments after I returned home, and sheepishly asked my parents how I had gotten home (a ride from them, thank God, where I apparently kept rolling down the window either for fresh air, or potential vomitous maximous).

I will not insert any of the photos Sean took of me with my head hanging over the toilet, or perhaps the ones of my lying prone on the bathroom floor, here - but instead, fill the space with non-drunk photos of berries and candles! How festive! I am in total denial! Feliz Navidad!

I haven't had a hangover like that in. my. entire. life. And I was in a sorority. It was a pretty festive event - as far as book clubs go, it was a rager - and broke up shortly before midnight (or so I hear). My father laughed out loud the next day at my obvious misery, saying "I've never seen you quite so...zippy."

I threw up blood - zippy, indeed.

In other news, I think my massive reaction to the alcohol was due, in part, to the semi-sickness that I acquired late last week. I wasn't feeling well at the beginning of the party, so instead of just NOT DRINKING YOU STUPID IDIOT, I got happy on Electric Reindeer Merlot. (the mere thought of consuming red wine makes me immediately nauseous, even now...urp) Oh GOD, the shame of being blitzed on cheap wine. It hangs over me like the cloak of death.

Saturday, my mother had graciously scheduled a "girls day out" at the Elizabeth Arden Salon on Michigan Ave -- a cut and color for her, a cut and makeup for my sister, and a facial plus manicure for me. I made it through the facial, but probably only because I was lying down. The minute I sat up, I requested that my esthetician cancel my next appointment. I knew I wouldn't make it, so I took my sorry ass home to sleep it off.

Saturday afternoon, we had a family outing to Lucky Strike Lanes for bowling, christmas gifts, and food. It was an exciting day for us all - the twentysomethings all received generous giftcards, my nephew was walking (!), and to be frank, my niece was excited over just about everything -- hairspray in her hair, a box of Froot Loops that she was carrying around and shaking like a maraca, and also? Bowling shoes.

I was excited that I made it through the meal and event without vomiting. RAWK!

Sunday, I made Chipotle Turkey Chili with a degree of success. I needed to do something with the leftover turkey from last weekend's hangover (er, I mean party). It is super yummy, and definitely something I plan on making again.

I also plan on being sober for the rest of my life.

What did YOU do this weekend?