Tour du Jour
Friday, December 15, 2006
I don't know why my posts have been so photo-heavy this week, but I'm just going to roll with it. Especially considering that my cell phone camera no longer works correctly thanks to a quick bounce it took in the parking lot of my local Target last week - in my defense, I had to fight for my parking spot using my black-belt kungfu car maneuvering skills and my rabid annoyance at being at Target in December. There was freezing rain involved, and I was certain my car was going to be keyed by some irritated shopper, so really, dropping my phone was the least of my problems.

ANYHOW...Jesus, the tangentials! I thought I'd leave you all with a tour of my Christmas tree. I guess TECHNICALLY it's a "holiday" tree - because it contains Jewish-friendly ornaments with custom sayings on them courtesy of my friend Keith. Phrases like "Mel Gibson makes the baby Jesus cry." Also, there is a Star of David on the tree (also Keith's handiwork) made of drinking straws.

I made the ornament below as a child - it was my first brush with the bedazzled glory of a little accessory we call the sequin. Little did I know how instrumental the sequin would become throughout the course of my life.

Here we see a photo I wanted to use as my desktop background, until I realized that it's basically just a photo of a huge hole in the tree. Which is annoying, and has since been fixed.

I have put these same candy canes on my trees since 2001. Don't try to eat one. They don't taste very good - just take my word for it, ok?

This treetopper was purchased on a much less stressful trip to Target, and was only $4.99! I used to have an angel that sat on top o' the tree, but that only prompted disgusting jokes from my friends, so she's been benched until they all grow up. (assuming that ever happens)

And here she is, the full tree. (and books covering dog crap spot).

Only 10 days 'til Christmas! Have a great weekend, everybody.