Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Friday, January 12, 2007 are the photos I promised. (Click to enlarge)

Sean and I - taken at a wedding last summer. Without facial hair, he looks completely different -- 10 years younger, but I didn't put up a pic of that because I was afraid it would make me seem like those girls who put up nothing but pictures of their boyfriends, and OMG it would become LIKE a total slippery slope, dude, into a Myspace page. :P ROFL! TTYL

For Kduck, my television. No rabbit ears here, my friend, although I do have many VHS cassettes and visible wires that drive me crazy, almost to the point of rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

For JenP, the veggie drawer. Current contents? Yukon Gold potatoes, green beans, and one white onion. Don't you want to be single again, Jen? Yeah, I didn't think so.

And the fridge that the veggie drawer lives in...complete with artwork from my niece and nephew.

Here is my closet...not as organized as I would like, but there you have it. The hanging space actually extends about 2 feet more to the right (behind the wall) but that is currently taken up with off-season hanging clothes, a bridesmaid dress, and a tub full of bedding.

Those of you that know me are undoubtedly shouting at your screens, "Where the hell did you put your 14 frillion sweaters and sweatshirts?!" Hence the two very tall shelves outside the closet, which I consider part of the total closet family. Also? You can bite me, because I love me some sweaters and hoodies.

And for AM, my bathroom (and assorted, peripheral junk)

Of course, when company comes over, I hide everything but the tissues and the hand soap. But when it's just me? Who cares if my eleventy lip balms, products to review, and Orajel is left out? NO ONE. (also visible, the aforementioned sock monkey jammies from Christmas Eve)

Someday in the near future, the bathroom will be painted green. Until then, I continue to be horrified by all of the things that accumulate that are only visible because every flipping surface is stark, hospital white. Aargh.