Better Late Than Never
Monday, January 15, 2007
Recently, I have read some articles concerning how people feel today's youth are disregarding (or forgetting might be perhaps a better word) the messages that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sent to the earlier generations. The optimist in me wants to think that perhaps they are getting the same messages, albeit in sleeker, more "hip" mediums (media?)...I sure hope so, at least. He is such an important cultural symbol, for so many reasons.

I hope that everyone can see his life for what it was -- a too-short glimpse into what could have been, a brilliant white-hot blast of truth and hope, a reason for so many questions and answers, and a continuing lesson for ALL of us. Even though we can't all understand firsthand what he (or anyone else of the same group, demographic, etc.) may have gone through, I hope that we can all see what is best for our futures - our SHARED future as a group of people working together to better ourselves and our society.

Besides, look at the man. Would you just look at that smile?! I would give anything to find out what the other person said...

Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone.