Boring much?
Thursday, January 18, 2007
Nothing of consequence is going on in my life right now, and unlike so many bloggers that I read, I am not talented at taking small, seemingly inconsequential events and turning them into witty, funny, and/or insightful journal entries. (See: Jonniker's story of the Neighborhood Poop Bag, or Leigh's captions on the photos of her dogs) Like so many parts of my life, I am unable to flourish -- I end up just saying things as they are. Sure, I can (and will!) talk your ear off, I can elaborate with a dramatic hyperbole or two, and I can certainly get caught up in tangents...but usually I just blurt things out with no thought whatsoever as to the medium of the message.

So, for the year 2007, I plan on paying more attention to my presentation skillz, yo. I will not be the boring blogger that you only read because you know that AT LEAST one embarassing photograph will be posted per week.

Other topics I promise to try and avoid:
- my 2007 girl-crush-of-the-year on Emily Blunt
- my new diet regimen
- how all women seem to be talking about landscaping the "hair down there" - am I the only one who's noticed this?
- excessive information about my dog, or my computer
- memes
- how the lighting in my apartment is unnecessarily harsh, and not very well placed

Also, I think I will try and master Photoshop this year, along with my finances. Neither of these will be small tasks, as I am equally clueless about both...wish me luck!