A Calculated Risk
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This evening, I hunkered down with the dog and some "movie theatre butter" popcorn (which I very rarely consume because it's so difficult to get into your mouth, being all buttery and slippery and such) to watch Super Size Me. It's not the first time I've seen the film, but it IS the first time I have watched it all the way through. I got bored the first time 'round, and took it back to the video store.

I have to admit -- it's alarming. But this is not news to anyone living in even a PARTIALLY developed part of America. What I find most interesting about the film is the math...the amount of calories in something, the amount of times an average person will visit McDonalds in one week, etc. I mean, c'mon -- I got to McDonald's almost every day. I don't get any food while I'm there, but I'm there, and exactly HOW FAR does this line of finger pointing go? Am I contributing to America's obesity problem with my 1-Large-Diet-Coke-a-Day habit?

Granted, the lawsuit against McDonald's was sort of bullshit, but it remains to be seen what all of that fat, salt, preservatives, and so on will do to the overall health of our lazy, overindulgent society.

I also found it entirely entertaining that a substantial section of the film was taped at my sister's alma Mater, Madison Junior High School in good ol' Naperville, IL, otherwise known as "Naperthrill," or "The Place that You Don't Admit You Grew Up In When You Get to College Because all The farm Kids Ask You Keep Your Diamond Jewelry, Where Your Pony Is Stabled, and What Kind of Car You Got For Your Sweet Sixteen." Seriously. I didn't have diamonds, I sure as shit didn't have a pony, and I was lucky to get my hand-me-down hatchback with the peeling paint. ANYWAYS...

What was YOUR opinion of the movie? I'd love to hear from the peanut gallery on this one.